The art for me is a necessity -
in order to observe. To express. To live.

MEVORAH ART & DESIGN works in order to create and provide inventiveness and modern pieces of art that will contribute the art and design world.

Itzhaq Mevorah was born in 1971 in Tel Aviv, Israel to a family of artists, who started their way in the beginning of the century in Bulgaria. From a very young age Mevorah has decided to be an artist.

Mevorah finished in 1999 his studies in Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv.

The artist describes his style as “Neo-Pop” and wishes to combine in his art his love for the design world alongside his skills as an artist. In his work he takes inspiration from his personal experience and from observing the world around him.

The artist works adorns public spaces, offices and privet collections in Israel and around the world.


Top Notch Art.

Exhibitions and performances in which my art pieces took part and represented me and what I have to bring to the world

  • 2022: Ramat Aviv mall, Tel Aviv
  • 2022: Pitaro Echt, Hertzelia Pituach
    poupi & pop.i art
  • 2022: Carel Gallery, Dubai: Paintings
  • 2021: Guest Artist at Miami Art Context Exhibition USA
  • 2021: Solo exhibition at the Lewinsky College Gallery in Tel Aviv
  • 2021: Bruno Street Singapore Art Exhibition
  • 2021: Artfusion Gallery Miami
  • 2020: Solo exhibition at the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel
  • 2020: TYUBEFACE Solo Exhibition at the Tel Aviv Artists' House
  • 2019: “I LOVE HOLON”
    Life size sculpture at the entrance to the Design Museum Holon
  • 2018: “Trees from the Amazonas”
    - India Art Fair, Group Exhibition by Bruno Art Group, New Delhi, India
  • 2017: "Ready Made Objects"
    An exhibition of 100 years of Duchamp’s Fountain - Janco Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel.
  • 2016: Adloyada Holon municipality reservations
  • 2016: "Moseley"
    Life size aluminum sculpture, made for the city of Holon, being presented in public area.
  • 2015: "story" bronze sculptures public garden story, Holon municipality
  • 2015: "Ferdinand Pedhazur"
    Life size bronze sculptures, made after a famous children book, for the city of Holon, being presented in public area.
  • 2012 – 2013: Art Teacher in High School.
  • 2011: Design and implementation for management floor Keshet tv
  • 2010: "Anglo-Palestine Banknotes"
    Group Exhibition. Was purchased for Ha’Poalim Bank’s (largest bank in Israel) art collection.
  • 2009: Design showroom "Alfa Romeo" Tel Aviv
  • 2007: "Geometric Abstract"
    Mural painting at the Golda Meir school front, Holon, Israel.
  • 2007: "Self Portrait"
    Secret Art Exhibition. Was purchased for Leumi Bank’s (second larger bank in Israel) collection.
  • 2006: "Olive Leaves"
    Exhibited at the Sheraton Tel-Aviv, owned by the owner.
  • 2006: Bronze sculpture for the advertising competition of Israel
    The publishing company sponsored BARAM
  • 2006: Design of the Israeli Clio Awards
  • 2006: Congress Hall art project
    Book hotel owners (collectors ADN family)
  • 2006: "Tel Aviv Landscape"
    – Mural at the Sheraton Tel-Aviv Hotel.
  • 2004: "Reflection of Peace"
    Painting at the Ben Gurion International Airport.
  • 2004: "The Jars’ Pupils"
    Painting at the collection of Pfizer.
  • 2003: "Bench Art"
    Life size sculpture at the collection of Motorola, Was exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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